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Great Wall WPC fluted wall panels

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Great wall WPC panels are widely used in wall decorations.With its beautiful wood grain designs,eco-friendly propertities and easy installing,it takes replace of wood or plywood boards.It can be used together with WPC veneer sheet,or in the same color with doors and other furnitures.Shandong Xing Yuan wood produces them professionally with preminium quality.

  • Regular size: 2900*160*22mm, 2900*160*20mm,2900*150*18
  • Base color: cedar white,warm white, black walnut
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    1.About the Great Wall

    The Great Wall is located in China, which is also the label of ancient history. Its purpose is for defending, so you can see the concave-convex structure in one side. This makes it an ideal fortification, which is easy to defense, but difficulty to offense. The concave-convex structure help soldiers to observe and do archery. Now it is a beautiful landscape and tourist attraction.

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    2.Great Wall and WPC

    Like the concave-convex feature, WPC panel also shows this. That is why it is called Great wall WPC panel.


    Square and semi-circle WPC panels

    Unlike the plain panel, Great wall WPC shows unique aesthetics and looking, especially with the help of lights. They are linked by the common and simple outer shapes, and indeed they stands for the shared understanding to decoration and architecture.

    3.Features of Great Wall WPC

    Originated from wood,but better than wood, Great wall WPC has many fantastic features.

    ● Real wood grain looking. Over 200 designs for choosing.
    ● Easy install and maintenance. 5-year-warranty of no maintenance.
    ● Eco-friendly. Using pvc and wood powder, and friendly to environment.
    ● Full waterproof. 100% water resistant and anti-rot.
    ● Durable. ASA film assures no color decaying in long time.
    ● No painting again. They are pre-finished, so no need to paint.
    ● Anti-mold and anti-terminate. Very seldom wrap and deformations.

    4.Goods Show

    WPC wall cladding15

    Great Wall WPC Fluted Panel, a revolutionary product that combines the essence of this legendary structure with modern design and functionality. Inspired by the unique concave and convex structure of the Great Wall, these wall panels offer both aesthetic appeal and practical value.

    Made using advanced Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) technology, these fluted wall panels are not only visually striking but also extremely durable. A blend of wood fibers and polymers provides superior strength, ensuring the panels will stand the test of time, like the Great Wall itself. These panels have excellent resistance to moisture, corrosion and corrosion, making them durable even in harsh climatic conditions.

    Fluted wall panels are designed for more than just decorative purposes; it also serves a functional purpose. The panel's concave and convex structure creates an interesting visual effect, adding depth and dimension to any space. Additionally, this structure helps with ventilation, allowing air to circulate freely and maintain a comfortable environment.

    Great Wall WPC grooved wall panels provide versatile solutions for a variety of applications. Whether you are renovating your home, designing a commercial space, or looking to enhance your outdoor area, these panels offer endless creative possibilities. With a variety of colors and finishes to choose from, you can easily achieve your desired look and vibe, whether it's rustic charm or modern elegance.



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