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Eco Space House T5

Short Description:

Eco space house,offered by Shandong Xing Yuan, is a new solution for view residence. It allows you closer to the water,mountain and sea,and temporarily get together with the original nature. Meanwhile,it uses high-end steel and glass,and strong enough.Modern techniques inside is another feature,which offer you a comfortable and convenient living conditions.Need eco space house,just tell us.

  • Model : T5
  • Area covering: 28 ㎡
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     1.About eco space house

          Among so many tremendous schemes of rooms in scenic spot,Eco space house may be the best one until now.That is because it is eco-friendly,modern and comfortable.

         It uses steel as main frame,and covered by glass and pvc sheets,which are all eco-friendly materials.And also,it is whole removable,which means it can be fully mobile to

    other spot,not like concrete houses. Galvanized steels make it durable under the test of time,with life-cycle of up to 50 years.

          It is a part of nature sight. After the eco space house is fixed on the mountain top,lake side or sea side,it becomes another beautiful sight.When you live in it,you can touch

    the harmony between you and nature.

          Modern designs and advanced electrical devices and equipment make it a comfortable and convenient living space. Indoor heating and cooling conditioners can also be

    installed with geothermal heating.Composite insulation material filled in the wall.Floor to ceiling windows adopted double layer hollow ant glass,broken bridge door and

    window system .The overall heating insulation and sound insulation effect is also very good.

         Thoughts of eco space house are very simple,comfortable for visitors and harmony for the nature.Let every guest stay closer to nature ,and experience the beauty of

    our blue planet.If you are looking for your wonderful outdoor life, such as living under stars,breathing fresh air, chatting and drinking along the river, by the sea, on the

    mountain etc,choose the eco space house. 

     2.About T5 model

         . Chart of T5 model








         .Specifications of T5 model

    Size 8500mm*3300mm*3200mm
    Area covering 28 ㎡
    Number of users 2 persons
    Power consumption 10kw per day
    Total weight 8 tons


        .Inner configurations

    Exterior Protection System Interior Exquisite Decoration Customer Control System
    Galvanized Steel Structural System PVC Environmental Friendly Floor Insert Card for Power/ Remove Card for Power Outage Panel
    Fluorocarbon Coating Aluminum Alloy Housing Bathroom Marble/ Tile Floor Multi-scenario Mode Function Panel
    Thermal Inslution and Waterproof Structural System Customized Washbasin/ Interplatform Basin/ Mirror Illumination/ Curtain Intelligent Integrated Control
    Hollow Tempered Glass Doors and Windows Tap Faurced/ Shower Head/ Floor Drain/ JOMOO Brand Whole-house Intelligent Voice Control
    Hollow Laminated Tempered Glass Skylight 80L Haier Electrical Storage Water Heater Cellphone Intelligent Access Control
    Stainless Steel Entry Door 2P GREE Frequency Conversion Heating and Cooling A/C Whole-house Illuminating System /Hydropower System
    Panoramic View Terrace Customized Bar Counter


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