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Space Capsule House

Short Description:

Our space capsule house offer a very perfect solution in good view area.It is a clean,modern and eco-friendly house.Besides harmony with the nature,it can offer a super experience in mountains and lakeside. Shandong Xing Yuan offers premium quality of space capsule house.It makes you come closely to the beautiful view,and enjoy the fresh air from nature.

  • Model T3: 7500*3300*3200mm, 25㎡ inner space
  • Model T5: 8500*3300*3200mm, 30㎡ inner space
  • Model T5: 11500*3300*3200mm, 38㎡ inner space
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    Lets start by taking a glance at the structure firstly:

    High-end galvanized steel tubes are used to make main frames.This kind of steel is strong enough,and rust-proof. With the limitation of up to 50 years,it can works well and is in good conditions,even in high-moisture environment of lakeside and sea coast.

    Another is the glass.It prevent most of the ultraviolet rays,which is harmful to human skin.It is also sound-proof.And what is more,it is very strong.

    Some people may be worried about its wind and seismic resistance,but rest assured,the whole space capsule house weighs over 8 tons.

    Now lets move to the back of the space capsule house ,in this area,air conditioners and water heater are installed here.This is where the electrical land plumbing connection are made.

    Then lets step further and go inside the space capsule house .Here we have a smart door lock.All the electrical devices,such as lights,velarium and curtains,can be operated by sound.

    When you step inside,you will notice that the interior is quite spacious.And this area is bathroom,complete with a toilet and a shower.There is a wash basin and a mirror here.The brightness and clearance of the mirror can be adjusted.There is also a small bar counter,and it is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee and having a chat.

    Bedroom is in the front part,and it is surrounded by glasses,by which you can see the beautiful sky,mountain and water views and enjoy the harmony between human and nature.Under the sky,by the lake,and on the mountain top,you and your space capsule house form a extremely beautiful picture. The bedroom is equipped with a projector and motorized curtains.

    Out the bedroom,there is a open balcony.It is a great spot to relax with friends over a cup of tea and a chat.Fresh air for you,and taste of nature is also for you.

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