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Tubular Particle Board for Door Core

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Tubular particle board is specially designed for door core. It reduces much weight,thus decreases the production costs. Eco-friendly and sound-proof propertities make it widely used in modern wooden door producing.Shandong Xing Yuan offers supreme quality of tubular particle board. Choose us,then choose precision.

  • Regular thickness: 38 / 35 / 33 / 30 /28mm
  • Size: 2090*1180mm,or customized
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    1.Why need tubes and what ancient man did?

    Have you noticed the structure of a bridge? Before several hundreds or tens of hundred years ago, the brilliant Chinese craftsman had already got that idea. Tubes can both help water flow and reduce the total weight. As you can see, many stone bridge shows much beauty and high strength, with the help of tubes. As it can also work in particle board, and tubular particle board comes.


    2.How is the tubular particle board produced?

    Chipped. Wood logs or branches are firstly to chipped into particles, but you must make sure that there is no barks, no iron and no tones.

    Dried. Particles are dried and separated from harmful iron and stones.
    Glued. Spray E1 glue and mix it with particles homogeneously.
    Press and heated. After heated and pressure, particles will be extruded together and become harden. Then tubular chipboard comes continuously.

    3.Unique Features for Door Core

    Extrusion method brings much unique advantages for this kind of door core,and here are the chart.

    Weight Reduction Up to 60% weight is reduced
    Thickness Range Solid particle board is often 15-25mm, while tubular ones can produce up to 40mm
    Density 320kg/m³
    Sound Insulation Reduce sound transmission
    Cost saving Save 50-60% raw materials
    Less formaldehyde Use standard E1 glue,and tubes help to use less glue for each panel

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