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Tubular Chipboard 38mm for door core

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Brand new pine hollow particleboard, one of the most popular door core materials in the world, we are the largest producer in northern China.

  • Size: 2090*1180*38mm / 35mm /33mm /30mm
  • Density: 310 kg/m³
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    Advantages to using Tubular chipboard for the door core:

    Lightweight: Compared with solid wood door core, Tubular chipboard is lighter and easier to install and carry.

    Economical: The cost of Tubular chipboard is lower than that of door cores made of other materials, which can help save decoration budget.

    Sound insulation performance: Since the middle of the board is hollow, air can flow in it, which has a certain sound insulation effect.

    Environmental protection: the door core made of Tubular chipboard can reduce the dependence on solid wood resources and is friendly to the environment.

    Regular Sizes

    Regular Sizes of Tubular chipboard We Produce


    Our Workshop

    Our workshop, warehouse, logistics for Tubular chipboard:

    Our factory can produce two containers of Tubular chipboard in one day. Don't worry about ordering us, we will deliver the goods as soon as possible.

    In addition to regular sizes, our Tubular chipboards can also be customized according to your requirements. The minimum order quantity for customization is 3 containers.

    Why Choose Us

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    More information and service about Tubular chipboard, and door making material please contact with our sales team.



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