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Premium grade Oak Door Skin 3mm

Short Description:

Oak veneer door skin,natural red oak veneer, crown cut.

Moulded by  hot-press machine into different styles.


  • Size: 2135*915mm
  • Thickness: 3mm,4mm
  • Production method: heat pressed
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    Imported Oak timber is an world famous and precious timber. As a good natural wood for decorative usage, Oak plywood and Oak MDF is quite popular in building materials production. After sliced into Oak veneer, usually by Q/C cut, it shows quite beautiful wood grain and wonderful color.

    Oak MDF is a type of medium-density fibreboard that is laminated with oak veneer, giving it the look and feel of solid oak wood. This product is perfect for those who want the natural beauty of oak, but with limited budget. It has a smooth surface that is perfect for painting or wall paneling.

    The Oak MDF makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from furniture and cabinets to decorative accents. Its durability and affordability make it a great alternative to solid oak wood. Choose Oak MDF and enjoy the benefits of quality wood products.

    Oak Door Skin

    Natural Oak veneer can be used in door making industry,and firstly it should be laminated to 3mm MDF or 3mm HDF.Door is an important part for interior decoration,so the door skin has to show much wonderful effects. Surely,Oak veneer door skin can meet the requirement.
    How it is produced? Follow such the steps as follows.

    ● HDF board preparation. Sanding and moisture are needed for both plain and mould door skin.

    ● Glue-spreading and face veneer lamination. In fact, Oak veneer is cut into different sizes, and assembled in different directions.

    ● Hot press. Baseboard and Oak veneer will be bonded together under heat and pressure. After trimming, a door skin is finished.


    Different Door Design

    Often, we offer 2 kinds of door skin: plain door skin and moulded door skin, both of which can also use Oak veneer.

    1. Face: natural Oak veneer
    2. Plain and moulded effects
    3. Thickness: 3mm/4mm
    4. Waterproof: green color for waterproof, and yellow color for non-waterproof.
    5. Baseboard: HDF
    6. Size: 915*2135mm, or other door sizes

    Oak Door Skin 3mm01
    Oak Door Skin 3mm02

    Other veneer and designs

    Oak Door Skin 3mm04
    Oak Door Skin 3mm03



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