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Engineer Door Core Comparison

Better core,better door.Doors play an important role in interior decorations,while door core plays an important factor in wooden door producing. Door skins show luxury and aesthetics,while door core offers brace and structural stablity. Now,let us enumerate the common options for door core.

1.Solid Particle Core

Solid particle board offers a perfect improvement for door core,which are both affordable and sturdy. It is constructed by using high-quality wood chips that are glued and heat pressed. This process helps in giving the solid particle core doors the qualities of both hollow-core doors and solid core. Compared with solid wood door core,it really save much costs.

The advantages of solid particle door core include:

Lower cost than solid wood doors

Excellent sound isolation
Fire-proof surface
Less contraction and expansion
Solid particle core production line is imported from Germany,with preminium quality . Addition to that, the board has dual layers of wood chips of high density.

2.Tubular Core

Tubular door core is another door filling material for  wooden doors. It is constructed in the same way how bridges are constructed. Tubular door core is a kind of particle board which provides a combination of sturdiness and lightweight. When compared to solid particle board, tubular particle board is almost 60% lighter. This means that for a door to be sturdy, it does not necessarily have to be heavy. Unlike other door core filling materials, tubular particle door core has very low thickness. This feature alone makes it an ideal for delicate surfaces. In tubular particle board, the particles are specially positioned, which guarantees higher resistance to impacts. Tubular particle board offered by Shandong Xing Yuan is made from high-performance wood chips and standard E1 glue. This unique structure provides stability to the door core.

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Post time: Oct-24-2023