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LVL plywood Door Frame

LVL door frame is a widely used material in mordern door and window industry in recent years. As a short form of Laminated Veneer Lumber, it is a kind of multi-laminated plywood. Different from normal plywood,LVL door frame has many advantages:high strength,more stable and eco-friendly, which makes it more and more popular in door and window production.



Compared with traditonal door frames,LVL door frame is superior in many aspects.Firstly,LVL door frame uses multi-layer plywood ways,and this can add more strength,durablity and stability to it.Secondly,LVL door frame is more anti-water,anti-rot and long-time used,even in high moisture enviroment.What’s more, solid door frame is inferior in eco-friendly propertities,and LVL adapts mordern production methods to reduce waste and pollution.

In application side,LVL door frame also show much advantages.For examples, it can elimate the up-down problem in common solid timbers when manufacturing door and window.So, workers can make more stable,more flat door products. It is easy to do edge-cutting works,and easy for workers to enlarge and clip the sizes of doors. Shandong Xing Yuan Wood has been in this area over 15 years. Welcome your inquiry and visit.

Post time: Apr-10-2024