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Wooden Door

For home decorations, wooden door lie in the first priority. As the improvement of living level, people show more and more attention to the quality and designs to the doors.Shandong Xing Yuan offers a whole solution of door producing. Here is the brief introduction of wooden door buying.

1.Door Skin:

Door skins are specially designed to offer a durable and beauty improvement to any existing door frame. These skins can offer strength and durability without sacrificing on style. Common choices are Melamine door skin, Wood veneer door skin and PVC door skin.HDF or other baseboard are molded into different designs.

Natural beauty is the real beauty. But, natural solid wood door has much disadvantages: very heavy and easy to bend and twist, natural defaults and so or. However, by wood veneer door skin, we can also get the same out-looking effect as natural timber. Now, Red Oak, Beech, Teak, Walnut, Okoume, Sapeli,  Cherry are all available, both in Q/C cut and C/C cut. If you don’t like the defaults of natural wood, like discolor and knots, we can also offer EV face veneer.

Melamine door skin and PVC door skin are similar, and both are waterproof, anti-color decay. They can be made into more types of face grain than natural, meanwhile they have no default of discolor and knots. Baseboard can be HDF, waterproof HDF, carbon fiber base. Melamine and pvc door skin require minimal cleaning efforts, and they are resistant to moisture and temperature changes, so they will last longer than traditional doors, making them an excellent long-term investment.


2. Tubular Chipboard:


Tubular chipboard is an innovative and budget-friendly alternative to traditional door core. It's a type of particle board that's specially designed for door core. Tubular chipboard origins in Germany, and it is now used as common door core materials.

It is extruded from pine or poplar wood particles and Eco-friendly glue, and meets the demands of entrance gates or doors and commercial usage doors. It is much stronger than paper hollow door core. Shandong Xing Yuan tubular chipboard has the following characteristics and properties.

--Using tubes, this can reduce weight over 55%, compared with solid particle board. Solid particle board is common for decoration and furniture, and often its density are fixed to 600kg/m³ or so. As we test in Shandong Xing Yuan tubular chipboard, density is around 300kg/m³. This reduces weight of doors, and help you save a lot of cost on raw material.

--Standard E1 glue. This is eco-friendly for indoor using.

--Full and precise dimension for customized board. Thickness tolerance is ±0.15mm, and for Height & Width is ±3mm. This can fit your door frames perfectly. And it is positioned along your door vertically, which can enforce the door.

Post time: Aug-22-2023