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Hollow WPC Decking Composite Decking 

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Hollow ASA decking,or Hollow WPC decking,is widely used in areas near swimming pool,costal beach and walkway.It is an easy installing and maintenance free flooring material,with long lifecircle.ASA film shows more better propertities than pvc film.Shandong Xing Yuan offers supreme quality ASA co-extrusion hollow decking exterior.

  • Size available: 2900*140*25mm,2900*140*22mm
  • Colors: Embossed Teak,Walnut,Cherry and so on
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    Brief Introduction

    What is WPC? WPC is Wood, Plastic and Composite, which is a alternate of natural solid wood in outdoor decking. It composites wood fiber and plastic particles perfectly, with different wood grain designs.

    Why hollow? Like a tube in stone bridge, hollow or tubes not only reduce the weight of bridge itself but also saving your cost. In some degree, hollow structure reduces the risk of bending or wrapping, especially after many years in harsh environment.

    Main usage. With much more better features, WPC decking board from Shandong Xing Yuan is widely used in costal walk and big swimming pools. With excellent quality and services, we get very good reputations.


    Problems That Needs to Be Considered

    Bad quality products often has the follow problems, and you should avoid before choosing and buying.

    ● Quick shading in color. Usually, we offer 5-year warranty for our products. If there are color shadings in large scale, we will replace all for you.All our efforts is determined to solve this problem.
    ● Easy to bend or wrap. Wood and plastic percentage will effect the flatness. Often, density of outdoor WPC is three times that of indoor ones. If too much wood fiber and sunshine condition, it is easy to bend.
    ● Low strength and breakable. High temperature, too much rain and sunshine are the key harmfulness for the outdoor products. So does WPC hollow decking! Plastic pipes and tubes will become breakable in this situations.

    What Does ASA Film Can Do?

    ASA film is a new material used in outdoor decking WPC. It has a different components, compared with traditional pvc or plastic film. ASA film is harder and more durable than other film, which can solve the problem of color shading.

    Co-extrusion method is another key progress. Before, whole part shares the same raw materials. If you want to change and adopt new material, all will be changed. Co-extrusion method separates it into core and out film, which enable you to change only the out film in order to get better performance.

    Shandong Xing Yuan combines the two, producing high strength and durable hollow decking boards. Welcome your inquiries.

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