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ASA Outdoor Decking terrance board

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ASA outdoor decking,or ASA outdoor terrance board, is a newly developed and specially designed for exterior flooring systems.It has much better propertities of anti-decaying than traditional materials,such as PVC. Easy installing,long lifecircle and high weather ability make it more and more widely used in outdoor terrance board. Please contact us for more information.

  • Dimensions: 140*25mm,140*22mm,and length from 2000mm to 4000mm
  • Density: 3 KG per meter
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    1.What is ASA material

    Acrylic board is widely used in outdoor environment, like advertising board and light decoration, for it is hardness and penetration. Sometimes, Acrylic board is laminated to MDF or plywood baseboard. Why it can not be used in WPC panel directly? Under co-extrusion method, Acrylic need high temperature and is too hard to form different designs.

    ASA material refers to a composite of Acrylonitrile, Styrene and Acrylate. It is firstly as an alternate of ABS, but now get a huge success in WPC decking and panels, especially Acrylonitrile at the percentage of 70%. It gets rid of much disadvantages of other materials.


    2.Color Decay in Outdoor WPC

    Color decay or shading is annoying and disappointed problem for outdoor materials. Before, people use painting, UV painting or other methods to prevent wood and timber products from it. But, after several years, much of the aesthetics and wood grain feelings go away gradually.

    Ultraviolet rays in sunshine, extremely high and low temperature, moisture and rain, are among the most harmful substances for decoration materials. Firstly, they made color and grain disappear, which needs you to repair or replace. ASA material, together with co-extrusion method, solves this problems. It is durable, and anti color shading, thus extend lifetime of decoration materials.

    3.ASA WPC Decking


    ● Durable, warranty of 10 years no decay
    ● High strength
    ● Full waterproof
    ● No rot
    ● No regular maintenance
    ● Eco-friendly
    ● Foot friendly in hot weather
    ● Easy installment

    ● Deep embossed
    ● No deformations
    ● Anti slip features
    ● Not absorb heat
    ● 140*25mm size, customized length
    ● High strength
    ● High performance in beach or swimming pool
    ● Wood grain, no decay
    ● Lifetime over 15 years


    4.Show Room

    ASA WPC decking1
    ASA WPC decking
    ASA WPC decking3
    ASA WPC decking4
    ASA WPC decking5

    Please contact us for more colors and designs, and mostly for accessory hardware. Shandong Xing Yuan offers full series of ASA WPC decking materials.



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