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WPC Outdoor Decking with ASA film

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WPC decking is a kind of alternative material for outdoor decking which composites  the mixture of wood fiber or wood flour, polymers such as PE, PP, and PVC, and some binding agent and additives. Because of the beautiful designs & durable wood-polymer composition of this decking material, it is now commonly treated as the best outdoor decking product for costal walk and pool decks.

  • Regular size: 2900*140*22mm,2900*140*25mm
  • Weight: 3kg per meter
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    Main Features

    ASA film and Co-extrusion method are our key to succeed in WPC outdoor decking markets. With the following features, our products stands the test of time.

    ● Fully Waterproof. Both salty water and rain can do any harm to it.
    ● Rot-resistant and terminate-resistant. Not like wood, WPC has no rot and fungus.
    ● Anti-color shading and durable. Color and wood grain doesn’t decay with time.
    ● Eco-friendly to environment. Zero harmful items to outer circumstances.
    ● Suitable for bare foot. It can absorb heat, and keeps suitable temperature for foot.
    ● No need of maintenance. With 5-10 years warranty of no replacement.
    ● Easy installing. Standard install instructions save your time and costs.

    Why Choose WPC, Compared with Wood?


    Embossed WPC Decking


    Solid Wood Decking

      WPC with ASA film Wood
    Beautiful designs Yes yes
    Rot and fungus No yes
    Deformation No Some degree
    Color shading No Some degree
    Maintenance No Regular and periodic
    High strength Yes normal
    Life time 8-10 years About 5 years

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    One of the outstanding features of Shandong Xing yuan WPC outdoor flooring is its complete waterproofing capabilities. Unlike traditional materials, this flooring can withstand salt water and rain without causing any damage. Say goodbye to the worries of flooding and enjoy the beauty of nature while lounging on our deck.

    Another major benefit of our flooring is that it resists rot and termites. Unlike wood, which is prone to rot and fungal growth, our wood plastic flooring eliminates these problems from the start. You can enjoy your outdoor space without the constant worry of maintenance and repairs.

    The durability of our WPC outdoor flooring is unmatched. With anti-tarnish properties and a long-lasting wood grain finish, our floors retain their original beauty and charm for years to come. You can trust our products to withstand the elements and time, leaving you with a stunning outdoor space that continues to impress.



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