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WPC Wall Cladding exterior facade

Short Description:

WPC wall panel is more and more taking replace of glass panel and ACP panel in outdoor wall decorations.Shandong Xing Yuan wood develops and produces this kind of WPC panels for outdoor using.It solves many inferior propertities of PVC film,such as color-decaying in short time and bending.Better materials,then better decoration styles.

  • Size: 2900*200*26mm,2900*200*24mm
  • Raw materials: pvc,wood powder
  • Production method: Co-extrusion
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    Wall Cladding Materials

    ● WPC cladding panel. It has gained more and more applications recently. High strength, wonderful colors and wood grains makes it extremely suitable for outdoor walls, and some can offer 5-year-warranty on color fading.


    ● Glass cladding. In construction, glass cladding is used to provide thermal insulation and a degree of weather resistance to improve the appearance of buildings. Nowadays, glass claddings work is preferably adopted in building construction, as it meets various functional requirements of the building such as lighting, heat retention with visual effects construction, especially for high and commercial buildings.

    ● ACP panels. ACP is a building cladding material commonly used in internal and external wall systems for its light weight, durability and structural performance. Recently there has been an increased awareness and concern around ACP cladding and the fire risk associated with ACP cladding following a number of cladding fires around the world.


    Main Problems

    Main problems for outdoor cladding

    Exterior environment is harsh, extreme high and low temperature, moisture and rain, ultraviolet ray and wind. These factors needs high durable and high performance materials. Here are the common factors for choosing your outdoor WPC walls.

    ● Color shading. After several years from installing, color will gradually decay, from dark to light color, from wood grain to none, or from white to gray. The key is that how many years warranty that you want?2 or 3 years, or 5 years, or even 10 years?

    ● Distort. Although it is not wood, WPC also may distort or wrap, but quite less and slower than wood. That is caused by content percentage of PVC and wood. If some pieces wrapped after some years, you can replace a new one easily.

    ● Maintenance and Repair. WPC wall cladding system is superior in this, and easy repair can save you a lot of time and costs.

    How to Solve?

    ● Co-extrusion method.In last generation producing method, WPC board is extruded only by one time.That means face and baseboard share the same raw material and heating process. Now, we use two steps, and improve the pvc face properties and performance in anit-color-decaying.

    ● ASA Wall cladding board. ASA is short form of Acrylonitrile, Styrene and Acrylate, which shows superior characteristics in exterior decorations. It is recently used in WPC cladding and decking.

    Show Room

    Shandong Xing Yuan produces good quality WPC wall cladding panels, and easy install and eco-friendly.

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